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Villa Diamante is a Green community with environmentally friendly , high-performance energy savings homes. Your Kennedy Homes has achieved the Gold  Rating which enhances profitability of resale, affordability of operation, enhances the indoor air quality of the home and increases the durability of the home.  Some of the components to achieve a Gold Rating by the Florida Green Building Coalition is ductwork smoke tested allowing leaks to be sealed prior to drywall, meet or exceed Florida Water Star or Water Sense standards using zoysia sod, site located in a small lot cluster development, eco friendly trim, insulate all hot water pipes, water savings clothes washer, floor joist perimeter insulated and sealed, outdoor lights energy efficient, ductwork joints sealed, low voc paints and much more. All provisions above are 3rd party inspected and certified.

All of Kennedy Homes, llc.’s communities enrich the lives of homeowner’s and their families by maintaining or restoring the natural features that Mother Nature created.